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Sacred Labor of Love

We believe ALL birthing people should have access to safe, quality, compassionate, supportive care throughout their pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum journey. Our mission is to empower birthing families impacted most by the maternal mortality rate, specifically BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) regardless of socioeconomic status by providing the following:

  • Emotional and physical comfort 

  • Inclusive support 

  • Advocacy guidance

  • Promotion of bodily autonomy

  • Evidenced based information to help make informed decisions along the journey

  • Collaborative care encouragement between all care team members (providers, nurses, support people, etc.)

Meet the Founder


I'm Ashley, a Afro-Caribbean mother to a 13 year old boy, raised in Washington Heights but currently living in Harlem, NYC. A Certified Full Spectrum Birth & Postpartum Doula, trained with Ancient Song Doula Services. 


My passion for supporting families during this transformative time began when I experienced the birth of my own child. I realized the profound impact a skilled and compassionate doula can have on one's birthing experience. Although I wasn't able to have a doula at the time, I was able to use the knowledge gained about doulas and their work to achieve my own birth goals, which grew my interest and passion to become one years later. 


As a doula, I believe in creating a safe and nurturing space that allows parents to feel supported and make informed decisions during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. I provide physical, emotional and informational support and specialize in evidence based education, lactation, advocacy guidance, holistic healing care, and creating individualized data-driven plans to support families with a safe and positive birthing experience. Ultimately, my goal is to ensure parents feel empowered and confident while creating the vision they desire for parenthood.

My work aims to uplift ancestral birth and postpartum traditions, reproductive justice, racial equity + community healing and education. I am forever committed to continuing education and professional development to ensure I am providing families with the most up-to-date and effective care possible.


I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your birth and/or postpartum goals


May 2022: Grandma’s Hands Pregnancy and Postpartum Herbs & Nutrition in the Southern Tradition with Divine Birth Wisdom

March 2022: Ancient Song Full Spectrum Labor & Postpartum Doula with ASDS

March 2022: Child Birth Education for Doulas with Berenice Kerniza

September 2021: Basic Life Support: Adult, Child and Infant First Aid/CPR/AED with American Heart Association

February 2021: Lactation Basics for Doulas with LaShandra Dandrich

November 2020: How to Help Families get Evidence Based Care by Evidence Based Birth

In Training:

Certified Lactation Counselor Training, Healthy Children Project 

Evidence Based Birth Instructor Training, Evidence Based Birth

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